6 Creative Ways that Digital Signage can be used in Restaurants

Where it all began?

Restaurants and digital signage go together like salt and pepper on your favourite dish from your most beloved local restaurant.

Technology is forever evolving to the next level whilst providing a better user experience and offering more features with each evolution.

Through its most basic functionality digital signage can be used to air TV shows or YouTube videos in order to distract hangry customers (customers that become irritable as a result of hunger).

However, through the use of digital signage and a robust content management system, such as the Vojo Media platform much more can be brought to the table (pun intended) such as:

  • Engaging with customers
  • Allowing news to reach the customer instantly
  • Strengthening the brand image of the restaurant
  • Providing a potential edge over competitors

Through careful planning and integration into a marketing plan the benefits of digital signage are powerful and positive.

Let’s take a look at 6 creative ways that Digital Signage can be used in Restaurants.

#1 Digital Menu Boards

In today’s world communication can be ever changing and the price of goods can fluctuate on a week-to-week basis. Through digital menu boards any restaurant can update any information that is listed through a few simple clicks. This can save time and money on trying to replace traditional menu board. Furthermore, digital menu boards allow for inhouse creativity to flair when designing this future masterpiece that customers will be gazing at.

Content management systems, such as Vojo Media that works seamlessly with digital menu boards provide the restaurant full control over when and how to display information that your customers need to be aware of.

#2 Upselling Products

Restaurants that adopt digital signage in their locations reported that the number of unplanned purchases jumps to 80%. When a customer is in the decision-making stage over what to order in a restaurant, they are open to ideas and experiences. A digital menu board can provide perfectly timed insight to a customer during their decision-making process. By displaying visually engaging content that encourages customers to try new things or to add to their existing order is a direct benefit for adopting digital signage.

#3 Displaying Discounts and Promotions

It is a universal fact that every customer enjoys a discount and many are open to trying a new promotion from a restaurant that they frequent. Digital signage is the ideal gateway to communicating these types of news with any customer base. Digital signage that is street facing can be used to gain attention from passers-by. The combined impact of digital signage, the Vojo Media content management system, engaging content and an eye-catching offer is the perfect recipe for gaining positive attention to the restaurant.

#4 Social Media Walls (User Generated Content)

Digital Signage can be used to connect with the social media channels that your restaurant is already using. Social media walls can engage customers by grabbing their attention through mouth-watering images of food, in turn increasing the appetite and leading to an increase of sales or return business.

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, etc. are excellent platforms to find images of your food that are being put onto social channels by customers. Digital signage can pick up on the #’s, tags and mentions that are taking place online.

You can make the most of this user generated content by displaying these images and strengthening your connection with customer base.

#5 Reviews & Ratings

There are many powerful marketing tools that can help a restaurant flourish. Passing information through word of mouth is one of the most authentic means of engaging with potential customers.

Through digital signage you are able to display any reviews or ratings you have received from the likes of TripAdvisor or Rate A Restaurant.

Empower those that are entering your location with social proof!

#6 Display Your Latest Order

Many customers know exactly what they want to order when they go to a restaurant, perhaps they have ordered this dish before and they are comfortable with it. Maybe they have been at work all day and nothing has been able to put to rest the urge to order their favourite dish again.

Digital Signage provides your restaurant with an opportunity to inspire. By posting beautiful images of each dish that is ordered you can inspire those in proximity of the digital screen to change their order or even encourage customers to return another day and try out one of those mouth watering dishes.

If you or your company are interested in expanding your digital marketing strategies through the use of Digital Signage and Content Management Systems get in touch today to take those adventurous first steps into the digital future.